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sunroof westie

I thought I’d post this pictuture, because its the #1 thing I’m asked at VW shows — "You have a sunroof in your Westie?! How did you do that?"

The answer is "I didn’t do that", some former owner did it and judging by the style of roof, it was probably installed soon after the purchase date. Overall I’m pretty happy my Westie came with it. We took the glass out when traveling through the Rockies, which resulting in some great shots. It adds a lot of light to the front cab, which is nice. It does effect the cargo holder up top, but I’ve engineered something similar to a BBQ grill that can sit in what’s left of the holder to support any large things I want to put up there. It does leak on occasion, but only if I’m parked on a hill.

I’ve never seen another Westy with a sun roof. If you’ve got one in your bus, feel free to post a link to a photo in the comments.

You may also notice my roof panel is wood, in contrast to the white mactak that you usually find on most bus roofs. I also have a former owerner to thank for this. Most of the panels in my bus are a nice finished birch plywood veneer, which adds a lot to the “cottage of wheels” look.

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  • 1. G  |  June 10th, 2008 at 11:15 am

    Like it. Never seen a sunroof in a Westie either but there’s always a first time for everything!

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