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Eulogy to a VW Camper:

Buddy’s Buddy (BB) was purchased in 2004 on ebay. I was looking for a pair of front seats in decent shape for Buddy and found a whole bus for $400 in Connecticut. So my friend Owen and I did a road trip to to CT one weekend and towed it back. In was in “fixable” shape and it appeared that somebody had attempted to start restoring it,

BB lived with Underdog and Buddy in our driveway for a year or so, until we got tried of pushing him around - he didn’t have an engine. The greatest thing about having a parts bus is that you can experiment. I had never owned a VW bus before we got Buddy, so BB became my laboratory. Its dash was ripped apart, seats and cabinets removed, windows popped out. I learned how buses were put together and more importantly put back together on BB.

When it came time to find a new home it I offered it to friends for $1. Yes $1. The condition was they had to restore BB. Without an engine and lots of body work to do I didn’t have any takers. So BB left for the German Supply stud farm in Stouffville.

At the farm BB started his next life, donating parts for other buses that came under Scott’s tutelage. Eventually Scott moved the German Supply shop to downtown Toronto. BB remained out to pasture, rusting in peace.

In 2007 we got serious about the Underdog Project and BB become our main source of body metal. He was moved to the German Supply shop in Toronto for convenience. The cutting began and soon BB was full of holes, beyond restoration. It was sad to see him in this shape, but he remained useful donating parts for other Bay window buses.

Fast forward to today, Scott called me to tell me BB was going to meet the cutting torch - the grim reaper of the automotive world. Scott captured BB’s last moments as he was reduced to chunks.

I’ll think of BB every time I stomp the gas peddle or brakes in Underdog, because under my feet is BB’s floor. Here’s to you, you kept so many other buses on the road. I hope you find that great campground in the sky.

RIP Buddy’s Buddy (1976 Volkswagen Westfalia Camper).

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  • 1. chris  |  September 16th, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    cool time-lapse, and touching story. it’s true how vehicles can go on living as parts in other cars, like seedlings blowing in the wind.

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